What can I expect in a session?

Where would you like to begin? I encourage starting out with an extended Sound/Aroma Healing Session of 75 minutes. During your session, we’ll talk a little about your goals, then you’ll relax on the table (clothes on, shoes off). I’ll use various tuning forks on the body, as well as in your subtle energy field. I’ll incorporate essential oils as guidance informs me. I will also work with whatever musical tools assist the process. At the end of the session, we’ll talk a little about your experience and what my guidance is directed to share. I may offer self-help “homework” to help support and integrate your experience.

I encourage my clients to begin with at least three Sound Sessions. If you have never worked with sound healing, here’s what I tell my clients: in the first session your body is determining what is going on; in the second session your body recognizes the experience and begins opening up to working with the sound; by the third session your body is excited to work with the sound and frequencies, and things start to move forward more easily. My clients tell me that the more they see me, after a while the experience lasts longer between sessions. What that means is that at first, you book more sessions closer together, then you can come in for “tune-ups” monthly, quarterly or when you feel the need. Ask me about my 3-pack rate.

Vibrational Raindrop sessions are a wonderful way to treat yourself during or after a detox, after a challenging event, or for specific issues you are dealing with. In this session, I work on your feet, and along your spine, using appropriate therapeutic-grade essential oils based on your condition or issues. This lasts about 75 minutes and is deeply relaxing. I use particular tuning forks as well to help carry in the frequency of the oils into the body. Each oil has its own frequency, as do the tuning forks. It is quite an elegant dance with your energy body as well.

During anAccess Bars Session, you will lie face up on the table (fully clothed), and I gently hold particular points on your head, while working with clearing statements with you. It is deeply relaxing and big shifts can occur, after releasing limiting beliefs and thought patterns.

The Harmonic Facial is a real treat! This is a combination of Access Bars, Aromatherapy and Tuning Forks to deeply relax you and help release years of stress from your face! By working with the face we are also helping to stimulate the Vagus Nerve, to help relieve anxiety and depression.