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You can find many different kinds of “sound healing” these days ranging from binaural beats, brainwave entrainment, crystal bowl and/or gong baths, vibroacoustic sound therapy tables, tuning fork treatments and simply singing. What works? Better to ask what works for you? We are all different and so respond differently.

Sound heals. Whether it’s the sound of a mother’s voice, the ringing of bells or tibetan bowls, the steady rhythm of a shaman’s drum, or the beautiful rise and fall of a singer or instrument, sound moves us, calms us, stimulates us, sends us on a reverie or pathway of a memory.

Are you tired of trying to make everything make sense? My goal is to help you manage and make sense of what's up in your life. I can help you reduce stress, manage pain, and teach you tools you can use to move forward.

My goal: to empower you to shine your radiance with ease, joy and humor.

Where would you like to begin? I encourage starting out with an extended Sound/Aroma Healing Session of 75 minutes. During your session, we’ll talk a little about your goals, then you’ll relax on the table (clothes on, shoes off). I’ll use various tuning forks on the body, as well as in your subtle energy field. I’ll incorporate essential oils as guidance informs me. I will also work with whatever musical tools assist the process. At the end of the session, we’ll talk a little about your experience and what my guidance is directed to share. I may offer self-help “homework” to help support and integrate your experience.

I encourage my clients to begin with at least three Sound Sessions. If you have never worked with sound healing, here’s what I tell my clients: in the first session your body is determining what is going on; in the second session your body recognizes the experience and begins opening up to working with the sound; by the third session your body is excited to work with the sound and frequencies, and things start to move forward more easily. My clients tell me that the more they see me, after a while the experience lasts longer between sessions. What that means is that at first, you book more sessions closer together, then you can come in for “tune-ups” monthly, quarterly or when you feel the need. Ask me about my 3-pack rate.

Vibrational Raindrop sessions are a wonderful way to treat yourself during or after a detox, after a challenging event, or for specific issues you are dealing with. In this session, I work on your feet, and along your spine, using appropriate therapeutic-grade essential oils based on your condition or issues. This lasts about 75 minutes and is deeply relaxing. I use particular tuning forks as well to help carry in the frequency of the oils into the body. Each oil has its own frequency, as do the tuning forks. It is quite an elegant dance with your energy body as well.

During anAccess Bars Session, you will lie face up on the table (fully clothed), and I gently hold particular points on your head, while working with clearing statements with you. It is deeply relaxing and big shifts can occur, after releasing limiting beliefs and thought patterns.

The Harmonic Facial is a real treat! This is a combination of Access Bars, Aromatherapy and Tuning Forks to deeply relax you and help release years of stress from your face! By working with the face we are also helping to stimulate the Vagus Nerve, to help relieve anxiety and depression.

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Our bodies are made of moving energy, as is sound. Sound is a wave of energy, a frequency. By using sound on or near the body with intention, we can help the body come into resonance with the intention we are holding. (This is really a simplified explanation, but I think quite effective). According to Steven Halpern, noted musician "Sound is a carrier wave of consciousness". Edgar Cayce (the "sleeping prophet"), predicted that sound would be the medicine of the future.

In a sound healing session, I may use various tuning forks on various acupuncture points on the body, chakra areas, or in your subtle energy field. I may also use Tibetan bowls, bells, tingshas, drumming, and voice to move you into a relaxed state (sometimes called theta state, although you are always in some combination of states). In this state your body is more receptive to finding its natural state of healing and ease. Here is where the magic happens!

Imagine how it would feel to release old belief patterns that no longer serve you, so you can move forward in your life.
Releasing old information from the emotional, spiritual and physical levels can strengthen your body’s coherence and improve the strength of your immune system.

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How would you act differently if you could release self-imposed limitations, judgements and programs from your field? Access Bars™ can help with this.

This gentle process of touching 32 points (bars) on the head, with optional verbal processing can remove lifetimes of programs, limitations, beliefs and judgements stored electromagnetically in your brain! You will be amazed at the subtle shifts that can occur effortlessly and continue to occur over a period of time even after the bars are run. The process lasts about 75 minutes, and you will experience deep relaxation, with increased energy.

Other reported effects: improved sleep, elimination of cravings, enhanced sense of well-being and greater sense of ease and peace.

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How can it get any better than this?

Vibrational Raindrop Technique (VRT) uses tuning forks to add the power of vibration and sound to the healing energy of the high frequencies of essential oils. Raindrop technique is a method of applying therapeutic grade essential oils to the feet and back and spine using VitaFlex (originated in Tibet), and feathering. Raindrop was developed by Dr. Gary Young based on his knowledge of the antimicrobial effects of the essential oils and the ability of Vitaflex and effleurage to generate electrical energy in the body. I have been getting fabulous feedback on this!!!

"I'd like to book a session in the Magic Hut"

A sacred space where you can relax, release stress, and rebalance.

I loved the service! My session with Heidi was perfect.
She connected well with myself and my session was unique for my being and what I needed during that session. I resonate well with Heidi's style of work and would highly recommend her to others. She is a rare gem with both a large amount of knowledge that she has integrated and her natural flow of working with people is above and beyond.
At the same time she is connecting with the above and beyond. Thank you!!!
~JoAnn T., Sitka, AK

Text from a client the day after a Vibrational Raindrop Treatment:
I woke up today feeling better than I have in a long time.
I find myself feeling excited about projects I am working on rather than dreading being alive. I know that is a strong statement, but the truth.
Magic is afoot and the Goddess is Alive!

Note from a client the day after a Vibrational Raindrop Treatment:
"Dear Heidi,
Busy here yesterday and today, and I am really "in the groove"
and able to get things done in a way I haven't since the truck knocked me down!
Guess what I forgot to tell you when you asked about what I wanted to think about
during the session?
My memory, concentration and confusion issues.
The new treatment has helped me work on the November business figures
without getting confused and mixed up....wow.
Look forward to seeing you on Monday. Thank you for helping me."
~Jean V., El Cerrito, CA

Heidi introduced me to the healing energy available thru Acutonics. I have received 4 treatments from her and resonate deeply with her energy and spirit. Although I don't understand how it works, I just know that it does! I always leave the sessions feeling calm, centered, in my body, blissful even. Things shift and move energetically and physically.
I am often pain free for days. And sometimes the discomfort I was feeling is gone for good!
Heidi is incredibly intuitive and equally knowledgeable in various modalities. What I love most about Heidi is she works from her heart. And she has a beautiful singing voice. When she plays the singing bowls and adds her own toning to it, it's like being transported thru a portal.
It is truly a transformative experience.
As a healer, I would highly recommend Heidi to anyone wanting to experience the benefits of sound healing, increased energy and pain reduction.
-C.C. San Francisco

I am a firm believer in the benefits of sound healing and Heidi is an exceptional practitioner! Like C.C., I always leave a session with Heidi feeling calm and centered with regained focus and energy! I have been working through some major transformations in my life and with Heidi's help am moving through life with more ease and grace. I highly recommend Heidi!
- Cheryl F., San Anselmo

I saw Heidi Irgens for an acute medical condition. I was immediately impressed with her gentle strength, her connection with me, her confidence and expertise and my feeling of being safe in her sphere of work. During the session I felt my heart opening more than before, with an almost immediate relief from fear, so I could again re-connect with my inner self. With her care I felt a deep nurturing and comfort, allowing a shift and then raising of my frequency.

For six months after the session, I felt the healing continue , deepening on many levels. Two years later, I am still reaping the benefits of my work with her. Thank you Heidi!

- Gina P. , Santa Cruz

"Heidi is amazing. She is nurturing and she radiates peace and presence. She performed Access Bar therapy and it was the most effective healing and spiritual work I have ever had. The deep calm I experienced was unlike anything I have ever felt. She is the real deal. This was my first visit to Energease and it will not be my last. " S.C., San Rafael

I LOVE helping people to move forward in their lives. I want to empower you to shine your radiance with ease, joy and humor!  I’m fascinated with learning new things and connecting the dots.  We humans are so unique and so respond differently to various modalities. 

Certified Acutonics Practitioner through the Acutonics Institute of Integrative Medicine. I have studied Sound Healing Training with Tom Kenyon, M.A. • Reiki Level 3 certified • Access Bars Practitioner • Studied Aromatherapy and Essential Oils through Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy and Center for Aromatherapy Research and Education (C.A.R.E.) • Raindrop Technique and Vibrational Raindrop • Biofield Tuning • Licensed Spiritual Healer Coach • Studied with Tito la Rosa, Peruvian Sound Healer and Musician • M.A. Interdisciplinary Consciousness Studies, JFK University, 1989.

Additionally, I’m a dowser and work with Energy Medicine Healing. My sessions combine the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Meridian work, Chakra work and spirit journey work, using sound, vibration and intention to help you come into coherent resonance with your health with balance and grace.

I love to sing and enjoy improvisational singing in circle. I love being in nature and find my center more easily in that environment.

If you want to move forward with a session,

Call me at 415-450-8739 or email at Heidi@energease.com